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Locks Heath Junior School

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Year 3

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In Year 3 we have an exciting curriculum that is designed to build on children’s previous learning experiences in Year 2.


We have many stimulating projects including Roman Day where the children will battle with Boudicca and science investigations such as finding out which biscuits are best to dunk and why!


During the year we work hard to develop independence skills and confidence. The children will have several opportunities to develop their teamwork skills; from working together to create a Stone Age Museum and to create a French Market.


Year 3 is a fantastic year packed full of exciting learning opportunities. Please explore our pages and see what the children have been doing!


Mon- Thurs Games and PE
All Year 3 -Days vary between classes and can change on
some weeks so it is best to keep PE kit in school at all times.  
Friday Swimming 
All Year 3  

Meet the Year 3 staff...

Picture 1 Mrs S Rogers - Year 3 Leader/Class 1 Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs A Butcher - Class 2 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs M Gamble - Class 4 Teacher
Picture 4 Miss C Mayhew - Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs G Wright - Learning Support Assistant
Picture 6 Mrs D Crossland - Learning Support Assistant
Picture 7 Mr R Jennings - Learning Support Assistant
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