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As part of World Book Week, I set a competition to write a story about Holly our school hamster.

I've received lots of entries which I will gradually upload over the course of this week.  If you haven't yet written a story, but would like to, then please do so and email either a photo, a scanned copy or a computer version to me at


All of the stories I've received so far will be uploaded here.  When you finish reading each story, , I've asked some questions for you to think about and have then set a learning task you might want to complete at home.  This is entirely optional but I hope you find something that you might enjoy. 


Some of you know that I also have a rabbit at home that I brought back from a school residential trip.  Today my rabbit Lola met Holly the Hamster.  In fact Lola was so delighted at meeting a new friend she jumped into Holly's cage (Holly was running around in her exercise ball) and bunny kicked the entire tray of sawdust across my living room carpet!  The two of them then caused all sorts of mischief around my house: hiding under chairs, eating through wires, getting tangled in a ball of wool and generally being little pickles!  I would love to know what adventures a rabbit and a hamster could get up to.  If you enjoy writing stories, then get cracking and make sure you send me your finished pieces so I can upload them here for everyone to read.

Holly the Hamster and Lola the Rabbit