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Locks Heath Junior School

‘Where Children Come First’

Meet our Governors

Within our school, the Governing Body team comprises of  staff, nominated and elected people from our community.  Below are the Non Staff Governors on our current Governing Body:

Mr Gavin Sadler  - Chair of Governors

Mrs Catherine Hayes *

Mr David Knight

Mrs Frances Clements

Mrs Helen Protheroe *

Mrs Helen Stone 

Mr Mark Griffiths 


* indicates currently have children at our school.

Staff Governors are as follows:

Mrs Natasha Farrell - Headteacher
Mrs Debbie Clarke - Staff Member

Mr Luke Elsworthy - Staff Member

Mr Paul Blake - Associate Member

Other key allocated Governor roles:

Special Needs - Mrs Protheroe and Mr Knight

Safeguarding Lead - Mr Knight
Child Protection - Mrs Protheroe


Mrs Louisa Trafford - Clerk to the Governing Body