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Locks Heath Junior School

‘Where Children Come First’

Meet our Governors

Within our school, the Governing Body team comprises of  staff, nominated and elected people from our community.  Below are the Non Staff Governors on our current Governing Body:

Mrs Helen Churchill * - Chair of Governors

Mr David Payne - Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Jason Gregg*
Mrs Jane Buckton *
Mrs Kirsten Cook *

Mrs Suzanne Rose *

Mr Gavin Sadler *

Mrs Naomi Hopkins*

Mrs Emily Payne

Miss Abbie Whitehead


* indicates currently have children at our school.

Staff Governors are as follows:

Mrs Natasha Farrell - Headteacher
Mrs Debbie Clarke -Staff Member

Mr Richard Bailey - Staff Member

Mr Paul Blake - Associate Member

Other key allocated Governor roles:

Forum Rep - Mr Payne
Special Needs - Mr Payne & Mrs Churchill
Child Protection - Mrs Buckton


Mrs Jackie Finney - Clerk to the Governing Body

Picture 1 Mrs H Churchill - Chair of Governors
Picture 2 Mrs N Farrell - Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs D Clarke - Deputy Headteacher
Picture 4 Mr R Bailey - Class Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs J Buckton
Picture 6 Mrs K Cook
Picture 7 Mr J Gregg
Picture 8 Mr D Payne
Picture 9 Mrs S Rose
Picture 10 Mr G Sadler

Meet Our Governing Body


Mr Gavin Sadler

I have been a Co-opted Governor approaching 3 years of a 4 year term and am Vice Chair of the School Improvement Committee.  My step-daughter currently attends Locks Heath Juniors as did my step-son who has since transitioned to secondary school.  I have a further two children who will be attending the junior school in the future.  I currently work in the private sector in Learning & Development and want to make the experience and skills I have available to the school so that every child gets the best educational experience possible.  I am able to challenge the school's performance. yet ensure that through this process, I am also able to offer the right level of support.  Having moved into the local area, it also allows me to give more to the local community and the school as a whole.


Mrs Jane Buckton

I joined the Governing Body in February 2016 as a Co-opted Governor.  Both of my sons are currently enjoying life at Locks Heath Junior School, with the eldest due to move up to Brookfield School in September 2019.

My motivation for becoming a Governor is simple; I want to be part of the school community and make a positive contribution towards creating a happy and safe learning environment which develops the 'whole child'. All children are different and have their own individual needs and we have a responsibility to help them reach their full potential.  The years they spend at Primary school will shape their futures so it is vital they get the best start possible.

My current Governor role are Chair of School Improvement Committee and Development and Training Governor.

In my professional life, I am an HR Manager for a Contract Logistics company based in Hedge End and have a particular passion for helping people to achieve and develop in their roles.  I have a range of experience that I can bring to the Governing Body, including defining and executing business strategy.

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my husband and boys, going on long walks exploring new places and gardening when I get the time and the sun is shining!


Mrs Suzy Rose

I was appointed as a Co-opted Governor in November 2017.  I have been involved as a parent with Locks Heath Juniors for the last eight years and am pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with the Senior Leadership Team at the school.  I am able to offer commitment and enthusiasm to the role and do all that I can to contribute to the continued success of the school.  As a parent of two boys, I understand the challenges and frustrations we all face and through my professional career as an Admin Manager responsible for HR and Admissions at a large secondary school.  I have experience in implementing and reviewing policies and procedures, as well as being unafraid to challenge the status quo in rapidly changing environments.


Mr Richard Bailey

I am Year 4 Leader at Locks Heath Juniors and a Staff Governor.  My background has always been  education and I studied for my teaching degree at Winchester University many years ago.  I was keen to become a governor to help support the high standards and running or our school so that the children get the best of thier education with us and go on to be model citizens in our community.  My degree is in drama and this has aided in bringing some theatrical flair to our school both in my classroom but also across various events shared with the children.  I am proud to be part of the school's governing body so that I can liaise with different stakeholders to enhance the rich opportunities, curriculum and learning that our school offers.