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Below are a few details about Year 6 Home Learning.  If you need any further help with what your child should be doing at home or how you can help, then please do email us and we can advise you. 



--Set on Monday

--Due on Monday 

--Paper based (no requirement to submit on Google Classroom)

The children will be practising spellings in class at least 3 times a week using a variety of strategies and will be given a word list to take home and complete as homework. These spellings will follow a specific pattern or be from the year 5&6 statutory spelling list. Children will need to use some of the strategies used in class to practise the words given at home and create a 'poster' on the back of the word list they receive. They will need to return this to school to show their teacher weekly, and the best work will be displayed on the working wall weekly. 

In the week after the homework has been set, children will be tested on 10 words with the spelling pattern or rule which has been learnt - the day of the test may vary according to the class. Instead of rote learning spellings we hope this will encourage the children to learn rules and be able to apply these to a variety of words and improving their writing.   



We visit the library weekly, and the children will choose two books: a levelled book linked to the Accelerated Reader tests we carry out through the year and free read book for pleasure. We encourage the children to read as often as possible (and for at least 20 minutes daily) independently or to to any willing listener!  We expect them to read at least five times each week. Please record when your child reads in their Home School Reading Record and ensure your child brings this into school on a Monday. From the Spring term we will set a home reading task which should take about 15 – 20 minutes to complete. This will be to help to prepare them for their end of year tests. These would be given on a weekly basis, with the children having a minimum of three school evenings to complete.



--Set on Monday

--Due on Sunday

--Set on Google Classroom, submitted on Google Classroom (paper copies can be give on request). 

Arithmetic questions are set weekly for the children to complete. They can use any resources, methods or jottings to support their working. 

Occasionally at the start of the year the homework will have some content which we have not covered for some time (or at all in a few cases). If your child would like to have a go at these questions that would be great, otherwise they can be left and we will cover it in class. It is not necessary to spend more than 30 minutes on this task, even if the work is not completed. We will be monitoring scores across the year group which will help us to work out where we need to provide extra support or reteach specific skills. 

On the website you can find information on how we teach the different calculation methods if you would like to support your child. We also have produced a booklet with all these details in too. This was sent home in the Autumn term, if you need another copy please do email your child's teacher. 


Thank you for your support in getting the children ready for SATs and Secondary School.


The Year 6 Team