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Where can I park?

Unfortunately, there are no facilities for parents to park on the school site. However, children or parents with disabilities are permitted to park within the staff parking area after gaining permission from the Headteacher. 

What time is swimming and PE lessons for all Year Groups?

Please visit our Year Group curriculum pages in ‘Parents’ section of website.

How do I get copies of letters?

All letters are sent home to parents via School Comms in the first instance and for those who have not subscribed, a hard copy is sent.  All letters are available from the school office.

All copies of communications sent from the office are available to view on the ‘Parents’ section or ‘Newsletters’ section of the website. Correspondence relating to sports clubs and residentials will also be found under the sections listed ‘Music and Clubs’ and ‘Residentials’.

What clubs are available after/in school?

All information relating to clubs during and after school are found under the ‘Parents’ section listed under ‘Music and Clubs’.

Where can I purchase Locks Heath Junior School Uniform?

Locks Heath Junior School uniform is currently supplied by AJ Embroidered Wear, Skoolkit and Tesco.  Order forms for AJ Embroidered Wear can be collected from reception or downloaded from the school website (parents/forms).


What are the rules on holidays taken during term time?

Absence from school can be disruptive not only for the individual pupil but also for the pupil’s whole class.  Whilst there may be occasions when a pupil is unable to attend school eg due to illness, all other absences should therefore be kept to a minimum and if at all possible avoided.

Regulations do, however, permit a Headteacher to agree to a request from a parent for a pupil to be granted ‘leave of absence’.  This request for ‘leave of absence’ can in certain circumstances be granted to enable a pupil to go on a family holiday during term time.  The regulations make it quite clear, however, that parents do not have the right or an entitlement to take a child out of school for the purposes of a family holiday during term time.

Any request for leave for a family holiday during term time must be made in advance, normally in writing, to the Headteacher by the parent with whom the pupil normally resides. The Headteacher will normally only approve the request if there are special circumstances relating to the application and apart from in exceptional circumstances, no more than 10 school days leave of absence is likely to be granted in any one school year.

What are ‘special’ and ‘exceptional circumstances’?

The fact a holiday is cheaper during term time is unlikely to be considered as ‘special’ or ‘exceptional circumstances’. ‘Special’ or ‘exceptional’ circumstances are much more likely to be unique and/or one-off situations eg due to a parent’s work/employment commitments, where there has been a trauma or bereavement in the family or where the opportunity for such a holiday is unlikely to arise in the future.  Ultimately, however, it is for the Headteacher to decide if the circumstances are ‘special’ or ‘exceptional’.


Will the school administer medication?

Hampshire County Council’s policy states that only 'prescribed' medicines can be administered during school time. 

Should your child require prescribed medicine to be administered during school, please ensure you fill out an ‘Administration of medicines/treatment consent form’ available from the office. This form will be reviewed on a termly basis to ensure medicines are not left in school if they are no longer required.

How much is a School Lunch and how do I pay for it?

The preferred method of payment for school lunches is via our on-line payment service.  Lunches cost £2.50 per day.  If you are not able to pay for school lunches on line, please ensure that lunch money is brought to school on the Monday for dinners during the week.  It makes our job much easier and it is less costly to the school when we don’t have to chase payments.  For ease of administration, we prefer payments to be made by cheque (made payable to Hampshire County Council).  Many parents are finding it easier to pay termly or half termly in advance. If you wish to pay in this way, please speak to a member of the office staff for the correct amount for your child.  All monies received are accounted for electronically and automatically carried forward if your child is absent and misses a meal.  Finally, may we ask that all monies or cheques are sent in a sealed envelope with your child's name, class, and details (ie, 'lunch money') written on the front.  Thank you.

Do we have any child care facilities?

The school has no child care facilities other than ‘Time Out’. This organisation offer both before and after school childcare facilities.

How do I make an appointment to see the teacher?

We always ask parents to make an appointment to see their child’s teacher.  In the first instance, please telephone the office to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.  Appointments can be made either before or after school and can be held in private or your child’s classroom.

What are this year's INSET days?


There are five INSET days in an academic year. The INSET days for the year 2021-2022 are:


Thursday 2nd September
Monday 22nd November
Friday 18th February
Tuesday 25th April

Monday 6th June


How often are Parent Evenings?/When do we receive reports?

The first Parents' Evening where you have the opportunity to meet your child's class teacher and find out how they have settled in to the year group, is in October. (Often during the last week of the first half term.)

The second Parents' Evening is during the second half of the Spring Term. You will be provided with the opportunity to look through some of your child's work and discuss your child's progress.

End of Year Reports are sent home during the second half of the Summer Term. 

However, we hold an 'Open Door Policy' whereby you are more than welcome to make an appointment to see your child's teacher at any point during the school year. Please contact the office to arrange a meeting.