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Locks Heath Junior School

‘Where Children Come First’

School Values

Ethos of School



At Locks Heath we have an aspirational culture, where bravery, enthusiasm and a passion for learning enable every individual to achieve personal success. We are a supportive and nurturing community that celebrates diverse interests and achievements.  We provide an environment in which children accept challenge and are resilient. They persevere, attaining high academic standards and are striving for happiness and health.

At Locks Heath learning is both challenging and fun.  Children develop their curiosity and imagination through memorable learning experiences around a rich curriculum that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the world. They develop critical thinking and problem solving in relation to an ever-changing technological world. Children become increasingly independent as they progress through the school and take more and more responsibility for reflecting on and developing their learning.

We celebrate diversity and recognise our responsibility in respecting and nurturing each other.  This is developed through team-building activities. We strive to develop self-assured communicators who consider their impact on the world, its’ people and environments.

Essentially, we recognise childhood is a precious time, in which children should be protected and cherished.  We provide space and time for children to enjoy their childhood, through learning, play and adventure!


Learning Values


RESPECT is the value which underpins the expected behaviours at Locks Heath Junior School. Conversations with children about behaviour should reinforce respect of ones’ self, each other, of the school, the community and of property. Whether it is the expectation of walking in corridors, participating in learning or being kind, it is the value of RESPECT that is always in focus.


Our school vision is underpinned by seven Learning Values: PERSEVERANCE, TEAMWORK, INDEPENDENCE, BRAVERY, IMAGINATION, REFLECTION and CURIOSITY. These values are reinforced throughout the curriculum, in assemblies and during times of recreation.