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Writing is a complex task. It requires the coordination of fine motor skills and cognitive skills, reflects the social and cultural patterns of the writer’s time and is also linguistically complex (Myhill and Fisher, 2010; Fisher, 2012).

The Research Evidence in “writing”. Education Standards Research Team. Nov 2012


Our aim is to encourage each child to write independently for a variety of purposes with confidence. At Locks Heath Junior School we value the ability to communicate effectively in a range of formats. Composition and effect will always be paramount and children will be exposed to a wide variety of language through discussion and reading before they embark on their writing. Grammar and spelling forms an important part of the learning journey and children learn how to use these effectively in their own work.





Our aim is for all children to find enjoyment in reading. Guided reading and small group work is used to develop word reading and comprehension skills necessary to complete age related tasks. In addition, good use is made of our extensive library and librarian, who will support children when choosing books to read independently. There is an expectation that reading continues at home with parental support to develop fluency and understanding through informal discussion.



Speaking & Listening


Linguistic skills are a prerequisite to writing and all children are given opportunities to practice verbally before committing to paper. Each year group has a curriculum inclusive of role play, presentations and debating opportunities which inform their writing. This is progressive through the year groups and the children’s journey through LHJS. Performances through Nativity, Music Hall and production increase their confidence and ability to speak well formally and to adults.


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At Locks Heath Junior School we teach English according to the National Curriculum and assess reading and writing using the Hampshire Assessment Model. Details of what aspects of reading and writing are assessed and when can be found below.

If you have any questions or require any further information about how English is taught at Locks Heath Junior School, please contact Mrs Shelley Rogers  (English Lead).