Last day of term is Friday 22nd October 2021
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Year 6 Home Learning

Below are a few details about Year 6 Home Learning.  If you need any further help with what your child should be doing at home or how you can help, then please feel free to pop in and see us.



Spellings are handed out on a Monday and the children should be rewriting the lists using Look, Cover, Spell, Check. There will also be a weekly spelling task which is designed to reinforce the spelling rule that the children are learning.  This task should take about 15 – 20 minutes to complete. On Monday, spellbinders are due in for marking and we test the children on the spellings that they have learnt.



The children have a group reading book set by the class teacher and a library book that they choose independently.  We encourage the children to read as often as possible (for 10-15 minutes) to any willing listener!  We expect them to read at least five times each week (this can include their group reader).  Please record when your child reads in their Home School Reading Record. We occasionally set a home reading task which should take about 15 – 20 minutes to complete.  This will be to help to prepare them for their end of year tests.  These would be given on a weekly basis, with the children having a minimum of three school evenings to complete.



We set the same home learning across the year group. This is usually an arithmetic based task.  Home Learning will always be set on a Wednesday evening and be due in on the following Wednesday.  If for any reason your child is unable to complete their Home Learning then please let your class teacher know. 

We would like to make Home Learning an ‘enjoyable’ experience for all, so please spend no longer than 30 minutes on any task (even if this means it isn’t finished.)  If your child wishes to work for a longer time then great!

We will occasionally set a longer project for children to complete alongside their weekly arithmetic. This will build up over several weeks with the end product being shared in class. These will have specific due dates that will be shared with the children and included on the homework task sheet.

Could all Home Learning (apart from project work) please be completed using a HB pencil (not pen or biro.)  We would welcome any comments regarding how your child found the task.



Some weeks your child may bring home other pieces of homework.  Enrichment Maths, Booster classes and SPaGshop (Spelling and Grammar) may set pieces of work linked to class work. These will have specific due dates and children should spend about 20 – 30 minutes on the task.



Thank you for your support.



The Year 6 Team