End of term - Thursday 21st July 2022
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Year 5 Avon Tyrrell

Avon Tyrrell has quite an amazing history!  Built on the winnings of a Grand National winning race horse, the manor itself is the last surviving ‘Calendar House’ in the country.  During World War II, the house was used by the army as an intelligence gathering post and hospital.  In 1946, the house was entrusted to ‘The Youth of the Nation” and was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1949. Since then, the site has welcomed thousands of young people to its grounds to enjoy outdoor activities.


Year 5 attend Avon Tyrrell for a 4 day, 3 night residential visit.  By now, the children feel much more confident staying away from home, but are challenged to participate in more adventurous activities.  The activities on offer and all led by qualified instructors are as follows:


Raft Building - Children work together as a team to construct and build a raft that will float on the lake and keep them dry!


Canoeing/Kayaking – Children join their instructor out on the beautiful lake to learn basic manoeuvres and join in kayak games.


Mountain Biking - Avon Tyrrell has a variety of bike tracks and trails within the 65 acre grounds making Mountain Biking an exciting and challenging session.


Adventure Course - A great team building activity, the Adventure Course has all the basics you would find on a traditional assault course, but the focus is on children’s ability to work as a team  The better they work together the faster it all gets.


Pioneering - Ancient Greeks and Romans used Pioneering skills to create various structures and weapons that were capable of firing at their enemies.  Children will use ropes and wooden spars and work together to build a giant Ballista.


During the evening, the children make bracelets, create outdoor artwork and take part in the infamous ‘Tyrrell Tournament’ a round-robin of outdoor games and sports. 


What our pupils have to say


“The staff at Avon Tyrrell are funny, kind and caring.” Ronnie


“The activities are enjoyable and I loved all of them.” Innes


“The rooms and the beds are really comfortable – we had lots of fun sharing a dorm!”


“ The food was delicious, especially the puddings!” Matilda