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Locks Heath Junior School

‘Where Children Come First’

Lower School Science Club

Yesterday afternoon, Lower School children attended their first Science Club with Mrs Gamble.

Beatrix and Poppy would like to tell you more about it:


We had to be detectives! At the start of the club we were handed a mysterious torn-up letter that mentioned a teacher in the school had stolen and eaten a whole packet of biscuits! We needed to find out the pen that had been used to write the letter to find out who the mystery thief was.  We collected some pens from the teachers in the school: Mrs Couchman, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Farrell, Mrs Stone and Mrs Rogers.  To find out who had written the letter, we needed to find out which pen ink was used.  So, we tested the pen by putting a little dot of ink on some paper. We then put a little sample of natural water onto the paper but not on the ink.  As the water spread into the ink, all of the colours in the ink separated.  This only works on a yellowy thick paper.  We discovered that Mrs Clarke's pen wrote the letter and that she had stolen the packet of biscuits!  Naughty Mrs Clarke. We really liked feeling that we were real detectives and it was super fun!