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An Egyptian tomb arrives in Year 5

Class 12 were shocked today to discover an ancient Egyptian tomb had appeared outside of their classroom.  All of the class took turns exploring the tomb and will be writing about the experience.  

The other Year 5 classes explored the tomb last week and have already started their descriptions.  Connor really impressed us with this:


As I trotted down the steep, creaky staircase I began to shiver with fear.  I saw the sealed hatch in the corner of the room.  I pushed the opening as hard as I could and it opened with a creak.  In the corner of the room, under the silky cobwebs, sat a solid gold throne.  I could not believe my eyes as I kept looking at all the dusty artefacts.  A gold necklace shimmered in the light of my torch.  In a few moments, I began to smell a foul smell.  The noxious gas tightened my throat and made me cough very loudly.  I rushed out of the room and ran up the unstable stairs for some fresh air.  


Please chat to your children at home about Howard Carter, being an archaeologist and what might be found inside an Egyptian tomb!