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Locks Heath Junior School

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Our Foundation Curriculum


At present, our foundation curriculum is organised into stimulating overarching topics with engaging hooks and clear outcomes designed to motivate the children to work towards. This ignites their passion to explore and learn. Examples of hooks include: a trip to Butser Farm to find out about life in Celt and Roman times, a woodland walk to start learning about habitats and a workshop with Southampton Art Gallery to launch into the world of the Ancient Greeks!


At Locks Heath Junior School, we constantly strive to improve our teaching practices and provision for our children. Therefore, we are currently in the process of re-designing our foundation curriculum so that it is thoroughly updated for the start of the 2018-19 academic year. The new curriculum will retain many of the exciting elements of our current curriculum in terms of hooks and outcomes but will also work towards introducing more challenge and greater depth of learning.


This will be achieved through the delivery of an increasingly skills-based curriculum where tasks are designed to ensure the children exercise increased independence and choice. Higher-order thinking will be promoted through comparison, evaluation and analysis. A great emphasis will be placed on memorable, experiential learning so that children develop a range transferable skills that they will use throughout their lives.


We will continue to link English and maths to our topics wherever possible so that the children see real purpose and context to their learning. Genuine problem solving in maths and published written outcomes in English are highly motivating and will continue to be an important scaffold to our foundation curriculum.


As ever, our foundation curriculum will continue to reflect our core learning values of curiosity, independence, perseverance, imagination, teamwork, reflection and bravery. In addition to this, we aim to increase the opportunities for parents to visit the school so children can share and celebrate their learning outcomes with their families and so that parents witness children’s increasing confidence and independence first-hand. So watch this space for exciting learning times ahead…





Curriculum Overviews Autumn Term 2018

Curriculum Overviews Autumn Term 2018 1 Year 3 Curriculum Overview
Curriculum Overviews Autumn Term 2018 2 Year 4 Curriculum Overview
Curriculum Overviews Autumn Term 2018 3 Year 5 Curriculum Overview
Curriculum Overviews Autumn Term 2018 4 Year 6 Curriculum Overview

If you have any questions or require any further information about how the foundation subjects are taught at Locks Heath Junior School, please contact Mrs Shelley Rogers (Curriculum Lead).